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Ross the Boss – Born of Fire Review

If you loved By Blood Sworn, there’s no reason to not love Born of Fire. There will clearly be an appeal to Manowar fans, but also bands like Judas Priest should find themselves banging their heads to it as well. This is such a capable line up of musicians I hope they stick together. Friedman has aligned himself with some of the strongest musicians in his career, and the strength of the songs proves it.

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Bloodstock Open Air 2019: Sunday August 11 – Four stage thunderous climax closes festival in style.

In between the jokes and banter with the crowd, Dani Filth and Mother Nature, the music, which saw tracks from his new opus ‘For The Love of Metal’ sit comfortably alongside Twisted Sister classics, got everyone bouncing and singing back to one of the best front men that rock has seen over the last 40 or so years.


KK Downing to join Ross the Boss at Bloodstock!

KK Downing will be appearing as Special Guest for several songs with Ross the Boss on the Main Stage at Bloodstock, Sunday 11th August. The meeting of these two greats on stage heralds what will be an incredible performance as they lay down their own slice of Heavy Metal history.

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Death Dealer – Hallowed Ground Review

I’m not sure what they have done other than tour to make themselves improve even more, but whatever it was they need to keep at it. Truly, Death Dealer is one of the best new metal bands out there right now