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Royal Hunt – Devil’s Dozen Review

A country famed for its butter cookies and mass consumption of pork, Denmark has never been renowned for churning out commercially successful rock/metal bands. As far as that genre goes, former tennis protégé and Metallica bucket banger, Lars Ulrich, remains their most famous export. But back in the 90’s, a progressive minded bunch of Danes called Royal Hunt; a band founded by ivory tickler Andre Andersen, achieved a generous amount of success with the Moving Target and Paradox albums. After a conveyor belt of changes in personal, notably in the vocal department, a welcome stability has returned to the band with singer DC Cooper flexing his tonsils on new album Devil’s Dozen, their thirteenth and his third since his return in 2011.


Interview with DC Cooper (Vocals) and Andre Andersen (Keyboards) (Royal Hunt)

So somewhere around 2011 we decided to put personal differences aside and figure something out. It took a couple of weeks of talking back and forth and it was kind of wild and it was neat in a way because we started talking like friends, and that hadn’t happened in a long time

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Royal Hunt – A Life To Die For Review

. Luckily for Royal Hunt they made a great album, just not a standout compared to some of their previous releases. I definitely would recommend fans of the band to give it a shot. Perhaps later when I revisit it (because as a fan I will definitely check it out several more times) it will connect with me, but my initial spins leave me preferring to listen to Show Me How To Live instead.

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Royal Hunt – Future Coming from the Past DVD Review

The bulk of the matter here falls in the quality of the video not in the music because that by itself makes it a good purchase for loyal fans of the band. Similar to the Whitesnake Live at Donington 1990 DVD earlier this year that was a very popular bootleg from the 80’s…

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Stamina – Two Of A Kind

I was too blinded by the excellence while writing the review, so I didn’t even notice obvious comparison to classic first 4 albums by Royal Hunt. Silly me, but for fans of that sound, Two of a Kind is simply a must have album.