Album Reviews

Artillery – My Blood

I am not trying to bring the band down but it feels like their best days are behind them now. The monstrous riffs are not there anymore, apart from a few more melacholy moments in the Mid Easter vibe in the songs, I couldn’t find much to rejoice about. Is hard to live up to albums like “By Inheritance” and even their last record “When Death Comes” which featured more melodic riffs and sharper rhythm and bass action on both ends.

Album Reviews

Vicious Rumors – Razorback Killers

The interesting melodies and shift in rhythms have always been something that made the band stand out on their own and on this new upcoming album the formula keeps ticking like an old school clock who just refuses to die. Armed with lead singer Brian Allen they found a pure raw and capable vocalist that fits the mold of the band like butter.

DVD Reviews

Transatlantic – Whirld Tour 2010 DVD Live From Shepherd’s Bush Empire

First of all these guys have delivered an unprecedented amount of material live on stage, a whopping 2 and a half hours of music in which the band performs “The Whirlwind” in it’s entirety along with “All Of The Above” the 30 minute Epic and “Duel With The Devil” another half hour music junction of progressive rock blend.

DVD Reviews

Heaven & Hell – Neon Nights 30 Years of Heaven & Hell DVD

The everlasting and memorable notes in “Die Young” made me reflect on Ronnie’s life once more as it’s message gives way to the real breathtaking cut of the classic “Heaven and Hell”. The guys completely make this staple into an amazing rendition including once again Tony Iommi displaying an array of superior guitar…

Album Reviews

Raunchy – A Discord Electric

If I had to compare the band they most closely resemble the Dutch band “Mnenic” who plays in the style of industrial death metal as well. The opener “Dim The Lights and Run” is a strong kick starter which lends hand to the synth keyboard sounds


Interview with: Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) (Vocals)

Ronnie: Well I guess we always tried to stay on the musical path that we originally sat out on back then. Even though we’ve sometimes tried to update ourselves a little we always end up sounding like PM. Basically to me there are two kinds of music, good and bad and we always aim for the good melody weather it’s heavy or the more soft stuff, so to speak.


NEVERMORE vocalist Warrel Dane has announced the reformation of his old band SANCTUARY:

Since I have been talking about this in interviews already I should probably just say it… there will be another Sanctuary record, been talking with Lenny (Rutledge, Sanctuary guitarist)… we are really good friends again and it feels good… I missed my relationship with him for many years… but Nevermore is never going away so don’t start any more rumors