Ryan Roxie on new solo CD, Imagine Your Reality – It’s a Spectrum of Sound!

When people ask, “What other bands have you been in?” I tell them I’ve been in 100 bands but 98 you’ve never heard of [laughing]. Everyone heard of Slash and Alice Cooper. Luckily, playing with Alice for as long as I have has given me a lot of insight into the music business, and I have learned from him and look to him as a big brother.

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Interview with Anders Ljung (vocalist – Casablanca)

The third full-length album from Casablanca, is a concept album based on the Chuthulu mythology, with a twist. Before man The Old Ones ruled the world stated H.P. Lovecraft! But before The Old Ones, The Original human being of the Golden Void (the Original) ruled the earth Casablanca now claims!
To help us get our heads around the whole concept, Adrian Hextall spoke to lead vocalist and lyricist Anders Ljung.

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Casablanca – Apocalyptic Youth Review

This is a pretty cool band that has some serious diversity in it’s music and songwriting skills. Is not all full on assault like other Glam/Metal bands in the genre, they have some nice tempo paced tunes with interesting riffs and vibes that could appeal to the common listener.