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Reckless Love, Santa Cruz, live at Scala, London March 31 2016

Two of Finland’s heavyweight hard rock acts combine for what has been an extremely well received tour around the UK. With Reckless Love also going down a storm at Hard Rock Hell in Wales, the Finns are riding high in the popularity stakes at the moment.

Live Gig Photos

South Park Festival live in Tampere, Finland Recaps and Highlights

Metal heads might look and sound a bit snobbish sometimes when talking about music but they are definitely much deeper in their dedication than any indie music or hip-hop fans. And they are more willing to accept you in their brotherhood too, if you just share the same passion for music. You can definitely feel it when you come to the festivals like South Park.

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Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz review

Following up their excellent debut on Spinefarm, 2013’s ‘Screaming For Adrenaline’, Santa Cruz return to the scene with a tonne of attitude, some great tunes, and the power and raw energy sadly lacking in a lot of modern bands that often put image before effort.


Interview with “Johnny” Joonas Parkkonen (Guitars) (Santa Cruz)

We had this idea of doing like a Fight Club film. People fighting each other and that kind of thing. But then we met with Avilla, the director, and we didn’t have enough money to do actors and that thing, so we decided why don’t we fight ourselves?