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Temperance – Of Jupiter And Moons Review

Even with a new lineup, the overall sound is still very much what Temperance fans would expect, which is to say the band plays a very modern sounding brand of melodic metal.

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Eldritch – Cracksleep Review

Cracksleep especially comes close to the likes of Evergrey at points, with the atmosphere constantly being an important part of the music, as even the heavier songs have some dark sounding riffs.

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Hollow Haze – Memories of An Ancient Time Review

There are many great melodic metal bands coming from Italy, but one band that I think deserves more attention than they get is the relatively unheralded but consistently impressive Hollow Haze. They started out as a solid progressive heavy metal band in the early 2000’s, putting out four albums in that style, with their third album “End of a Dark Era” serving as my introduction to the band.

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Temperance – Limitless Review

When I first heard the 2014 self-titled debut from Italian band Temperance, one other band instantly came to my mind: Amaranthe. With their unique use of three vocalists along with their mix of metalcore, pop and trance (among many other styles,) becoming more and more popular over time, I guess it was only a matter of time before another band adopted a similar sound for their own, and put their own twists on it, which is exactly what Temperance did on their debut.

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Almah – Unfold Review

Edu did not only perform vocals but also played some guitar and keyboard parts. His voice is flexible and high-ranging, though he prefers to sing lower than he did in Angra. However the music of Almah still has a lot of commonalities with Angra, it is Melodic Power Progressive Metal but with less symphonic elements and a bit heavier.

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Heimdall – Aeneid Review

For a band I had heard nothing about before, Heimdall have delivered one truly epic album that is sure to please any fan of speedy melodic power metal with a nice balance of crunchy riffs to go with the typical symphonic elements and insanely catchy choruses.