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Scott Stapp ‘The Space Between The Shadows’ Review

Released by: Napalm Records Release Date: Out Now! Genre: Rock Links: Album Line-up: Scott Stapp — lead vocals Sammy Hudson — bass, backing vocals Ben Flanders — guitar, backing vocals Yiannis Papadopoulos — lead guitar Dango Empire — drums Tracklist: World I Used To Know Name Purpose For Pain Heaven In Me Survivor Wake Up […]


Scott Stapp Returns With ‘The Space Between The Shadows’

Following the release of the single ‘Purpose For Pain’, Scott Stapp has revealed his new album ‘The Space Between The Shadows’ will be released on the 19th of July via Napalm Records.


Interview with Scott Stapp (Vocals) (Scott Stapp, Creed)

and that is the moment where our lead character realizes on various levels things had to die in his life, in order that he can continue living life. Ego had to die, behaviors had to die. Certain relationships had to be buried and die and move on in order for this person to grow and move on as a human being