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Guns of Anarchy – one to watch out for!

Look out for this band when they play near you as one day you’ll say “I saw them when they played to 30 people in my local club”, right before they take to the stage at Wembley

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Guns of Anarchy – new video release “SCREAM”

You’ll find them practising until their fingers bleed or perhaps drinking the finest wines their local corner shop in Watford has to offer…. Knowing Watford, probably not that fine !

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Lifeline – Scream Review

”Lifeline” combines two very talented vocalists in Nigel Bailey (Bailey, Three Lions) and Lee Small (Shy, Phenomena). Since their first meeting they have wanted to record an album together and after some time they recorded ”Scream”. The album features the help of long time friend and drummer Steve Clarkson (Bailey), Paul Hume (LawLess, Demon,) on the guitars and Nigel’s brother, Andy Bailey (Three Lions, Bailey), on the keyboards. The production, mixing and mastering is taken up by the great ”Paul Hume” whom features as a guitarist on the album as well. All tracks on this album are written by ”Nigel Bailey”.