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“With a tip of the hat I bid you welcome”, Urban Breed explains the story of Serious Black’s Magic

And I said “this Bob, this right here is gonna be our The Number of the Beast. It’s gonna be our Balls to the Wall. This is what this is gonna be. We’re gonna play this all the time.” Unfortunately, Bob is not with us. But you are right. I am pretty sure we will always going to play this song.

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Serious Black – As Daylight Breaks Review

Serious Black is one such group where instead of it feeling like either a bunch of talented musicians doing their own thing so it comes off as disjointed, or a group where one member clearly takes the lead and everyone else just plays along without getting to truly shine, it feels like a group that’s already functioning well as a team, with everyone getting to put their own ideas into the music. The result is an album that does draw influences from various other bands, but manages to take these influences and put them together in such a way that it comes off sounding fresh and exciting.