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Will you visit The Island? – Interview with Klara and Pepper – The Heard

Interview by Adrian Hextall The Heard was formed out of the ashes of Crucified Barbera when Klara Rönnqvist Fors (guitars, backing vocals),  Ida Stenbacka (bass, backing vocals) Nicki (Jannicke) Lindström (drums, backing vocals) decided to keep playing music after their previous band finished in 2016. Bringing in Skinny Kangur from Deathstars and the singer and burlesque artist […]


Interview with Skinny (Drums) (Mushroomhead)

The twentieth year to the day was October 23. So this is our full year of celebrating twenty years. Hey, after twenty years, you celebrate the whole fuckin’ year, man (laughs)! And this album is really how we’re doing it