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HRH Metal – O2 Academy Birmingham, 11th February 2017

What I witnessed tonight, took me back to the early days of thrash metal, when the genres leading bands, Slayer and Metallica were paving the way for this genre, yet they’ve managed to re-capture those early days, when we saw those bands for the first time.

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SODOM’s “Decision Day” Album Review

But you don’t have to be the greatest ever to be not only hugely influential on the genre, but to have had a consistent history of putting out some of the heaviest and most aggressive metal albums ever.

Album Reviews

Sodom – Sacred Warpath EP Review

Sacred Warpath’ was originally written for the upcoming album, but instead the band have released it as a taster for things to come. The Ep gives some idea of the direction for the next record which is more of the straight-ahead Teutonic thrash