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“We’ll play Sunbound, in its entirety. Definitely” Brother Firetribe’s Pekka Ansio Heino on the upcoming UK shows

Brother Firetribe, the five-strong outfit from Finland are returning to UK shores later in 2017 to play Rockingham Festival and also headline their first show in the country at the Borderline in London. The new album from the band ‘Sunbound’  includes 12 new pieces of music, including lead track ‘Taste Of A Champion’, the video […]

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Dynazty – Titanic Mass Review

So what’s the final verdict? With “Titanic Mass” we have another contender for the title “Album Of The Year” here. You simply can’t do Melodic Metal any better than this in 2016.

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Hotei – Strangers Review

You may not know his name, but if you have ever seen the Quentin Tarantino samurai porn flick, Kill Bill, you definitely know his sound. Hotei is the guitarist/songwriter who created that film’s immediately recognizable theme song “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” (dun-dun-POW!!). Now on his newest album release, “Strangers”, he gives the listener an audio platter full of that head nodding sound.

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Amaranthe – The Nexus Review

All in all, I’m quite enamored and impressed with this band. For every annoying, boring metalcore band, there are bands like Amaranthe which despite not quite being extreme at all to me, are just so enjoyable to listen to and play with genuine heart and energy that I can’t help enjoy myself with their music.

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Amaranthe – Amaranthe

The band’s perfect mix of hard core death metal growls provided by Jake and the clean vocal parts by Elyze actually is something that is not groundbreaking at all and has been done many times before, but the kicker here is that regardless of originality of lack of the songs here stand on their own and will gracefully break some spines.