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Magnum – Escape from the Shadow Garden Live Review

There can be no doubting the British midlands have been a virtual factory for producing the most innovative rock bands in music history. From Black Sabbath to The Moody Blues, ELO to Judas Priest, they’ve all been responsible for resonating classics. However, there are always bands that tend to be overlooked, taken for granted or just plain bloody ignored.

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Vengeance – Piece of Cake Review

RELEASED BY : Steamhammer RELEASE DATE : October 25, 2013 GENRE : Hard Rock/Heavy Metal LINK :   Line Up: Leon Goewie Timo Somers Barend Courbois Leon Sibum,John Emmen   Tracklist: 01. World Arena 02. Tears From The Moon 03. Raintime Preload 04. Raintime 05. Sandman 06. Back To Square One 07. Headquake 08. […]

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Artlantica – Across The Seven Seas Review

The only real letdown of the album is “Demon In My Mind”, a very slow and plodding song which starts off interesting enough, but the chorus falls flat on its face, and the riffs just seem a little weaker and more repetitive on that one. I’m also not completely fond of the somewhat hard rock influenced verses of the title track, but the chorus is strong enough to save that song from being a disappointment.

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Fair Warning – Sundancer Review

Yeah and that’s it. All I can say is that this is a really strong album – maybe one of their best. If you are a fan of classic melodic hard rock you will love “Sundancer”! It’s the perfect feel-good record for the next summer months. Play it in your car and play it loud! Fair Warning are back in the game! Highly recommended!!!

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Vicious Rumors – Electric Punishment Review

“Electric Punishment” proves that some bands can still produce great albums even in their later years, as there’s enough killer riffs to keep fans of traditional metal very happy, while the more melodic portion in the middle is also a nice treat

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Kingdom Come Outlier Review

Some may have wished Kingdom Come to have gone off and died a quick death daring to sound like Zeppelin (personally I thought it was much ado about nothing as Wolf can’t help the way his voice sounds, and beyond a few moments here and there they only slightly reminded me of Led Zep as opposed to being a direct clone.)

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Brian Robertson – Diamonds And Dirt

Brian Robertson is probably best known as the guitarist that replaced Gary Moore at the beginning of THIN LIZZY’S successful patch, which he played a role in by the way. He is also quite well known for the fact that he joined MOTORHEAD for one album in 1983 titled ANOTHER PERFECT DAY. While he wasn’t really an ideal fit for the all-out dirty rock of Lemmy and co…