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Gotthard – Silver Review

At the end of the day, Gotthard produced a good record, which comes along in a much more organic and stronger way than its predecessor, although this is another album you have to give a few spins until it unfolds its full potential.


Exclusive Interview with Nic Maeder (Vocals) (Gotthard)

We continue to develop and we still wanna keep doing a lot of albums and I mean in a lot of ways Steve is still with us. The guys often talk about him and this story or that story, but all in a very natural way.

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Gotthard – Homegrown : Alive In Lugano Review

Unlike a lot of live recordings, HOMEGROWN : ALIVE IN LUGANO features a great, thick & meaty production that really does capture the spirit of the show. The band was in fine form at the time of this concert and as always Steve Lee is singing like not many men can.