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High Fighter – Scars and Crosses Review

ll in all, Scars and Crosses takes the listener on a bumpy ride through a spectrum of sounds and influences: venomous blues, blistering pop, pitch black psychedelia and sunny day punk sounds, all while staying in the shadow of doom and stoner metal.

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Monster Magnet live at Rock City, Nottingham, on February 13th, 2015

For me, this band are a modern day, rock riff heavy Hawkwind, who love to produce mind altering, thought provoking metal. Dave Windorf actually thanked us all for appreciating intelligent music at one point, going on to say he appreciated the fact that their are still people out there who are willing to think for their music.

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From Beyond – One Year Review

The vocals are aggressive and a little un-hinged, but somehow also manage to remain pretty clean and more legible than a lot of Doom based bands that add a certain layer of Death Metal to the vocals.