Interview with Jim Peterik – Ex Survivor Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter

Well you know, if we hadn’t have come back with Vital Signs and Proved that we could do it on our own I would say that it’s a bad idea, but that was kind of our proof that we didn’t need Stallone although we appreciated everything that he did for us. We didn’t need him to be a successful band.

Album Reviews

Peterik/Scherer – Risk Everything Review

If you like your rock dangerously heavy on the cheesy side, this record will have your arteries bulging with delight. I personally think it should carry a health warning.

Album Reviews

Bad Memories – Forced To Be A Stranger Review

try as I might ‘potential’ is certainly the most fitting word for this album by far. Because it’s only the second album from Italian AOR-sters BAD MEMORIES, there’s still enough time to get it right.