Album Reviews

Danger Avenue – Long Overdue

While HOUSTON, H.E.A.T. and DEGREED were more keyboard orientated, DANGER AVENUE has 2 guitarists in their line-up, so their material is more guitar orientated, although the hooks and choruses are definitely pure AOR/Melodic Rock.


Interview with Michael Larsson (Coldspell) (Guitar)

“I been trying it all but since some years back I realized that Les paul is my kind of thing. Live I use Gibson and ESP les paul at the moment and in the studio it was the same, did the rythm git with the Esp Eclipse and solos with Gibson Les Paul. Did the rhythm git with the Peavey 5150 and solos with Engl Savage”

Album Reviews

Blowsight – Dystopia Lane

The quick thumping pace of “Blue Hair” adds a rising flair in it’s speedy metal riffs sustaining a life style message in it’s lyrics. The ballad of “Days Of Rain” just begs for your attention, yes even with it’s pop atmospheric likings, the music is nice and the writing is triumphant one of the best songs on the record.