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Gotthard – 13 Review

Time is flying if you have fun and it’s amazing that the new Gotthard record is already the thirteenth they add to their music delivery. Furthermore, the album contains 13 songs. So it’s a lot of stuff about the ‘scary’ number.

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Crystal Ball “Deja VooDoo” Album Review

Genre: Melodic Rock Released by: Massacre Records Release date: 7 October 2016 Tracklist: 1. Déjà-Voodoo 2. Director’s Cut 3. Suspended 4. Never A Guarantee 5. Reaching Out 6. Home Again 7. To Freedom And Progress 8. Time And Tide 9. Without A Net 10. Full Disclosure (*) 11. Fools’ Parade (*) 12. Dr. Hell No 13. To […]

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Time Grid – Life Review

Out of Switzerland comes the sensational Progmetalband TIME GRID, whom are delivering their debut album with ‘Life’. The interesting part here is that this band has a male and a female singer (Mathias Reusser and Laetitia Fontannaz), but also features a superb guitarist (STEVE HUBER), who is more or less the leader of the band

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Skansis – Leaving You

The harder riff of “I Don’t Believe’ has a nice tone and the quicker tempo rhythm leads way to an intricate riff and very desire guitar solo. Yesss finally some aggressive melodic hooks on the song “I Want You” featuring a dark haunting undertone with an aggressive bass line, cool stuff something that lacks during the first few tracks.