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Michael Romeo – War of the Worlds, Pt. II Review

After hearing the first album a few years ago, I was excited to see what Michael Romeo would up with for a sequel, and now after hearing War of the Worlds Pt. 2, I can say it manages to be equally as entertaining as its predecessor. I do think those more cinematic instrumental tracks drag a bit and halt some of the momentum, but otherwise, this is a fantastic album with plenty of crunchy riffs, epic shredding solos, fantastic vocals, and an excellent mix of prog and power metal, as expected from one of the best guitarists in the genre. Whether he does more solo work or finally gets back together with his main band, I’ll always be excited to hear whatever Romeo has in store for his fans in the future!

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Therion – Leviathan Review

“Leviathan” is the first part in the planned Leviathan trilogy, its sequels Leviathan II and Leviathan III are scheduled for 2022 and 2023 respectively. This new studio project is a skillfully crafted collection of charming melodies, interesting orchestrations and entertaining songs.

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Seven Spires – Emerald Seas Review

While the lyrics are a major highlight of the album (both in terms of the overarching concept, as well as some amazing isolated lines on each track) the overall sound is also very impressive. A lot is going on musically, with the use of symphonic arrangements and Adrienne Cowan’s beautiful, yet fierce voice, being the two constant presences throughout.

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Sirenia – Arcane Astral Aeons Review

one thing that has always remained true is that Morten Veland has always been a master of his craft, and when it comes to knowing his genre in and out and being able to create some of the best songs possible, while being willing to push his sound further with each release.


Tarja Turunen (Ex-nightwish) On Her Former Band – Completely Embracing The Whole Body Of Work That I Did With The Band And The Beautiful Work That We Did Together

I still keep on learning and I hope that will never end. Because it would be very horrible for me one day wake up and say in the morning, “Hey now I know everything about lyrical singing.” Or, “Hey now I know everything about singing in general.” Oh my God, That would be the worst day of my life, I mean, really. There is always, always room to learn.

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Nightwish – Decades Review

this is an essential album belonging to everyone’s music collection. 22 superb songs on a 2 album set with absolutely no filler