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SYMPHONY X Announce support bands for European tour 2016

World Management and Symphony X are pleased to announce the complete line-up for the ‘Underworld Europe Tour 2016’.
Support will be coming from Tunisia’s fantastic progressive rockers Myrath and from France the incredible Melted Space.

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Symphony X and Overkill live at The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC on October 15th, 2015

Despite Russell not feeling great, he still gave a masterful performance, wearing various masks, wielding a cane, and taking on various roles acting out portions of the songs. Since the current album is their interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, there was darker lyrical content, and it was brought to life with his gesturing, not to mention the fact that Allen is one of the best singers in metal today

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Overkill / Symphony X, House of Blues, Chicago, Thursday 24th September 2015

It’s a warm late summer’s night in Chicago,and the windy city’s House of Blues is about to become the house of metal. In a treat for fans of heavy music, a double billing of epic proportions has just begun its US run, and tonight it’s the Illinois capital’s turn to witness the pairing of two of heavy music’s most respected acts. With pioneers of thrash Overkill joining forces with symphonic behemoths Symphony X, it’s a show that offers equal parts spit and polish; with New Jersey’s grimiest band pitted against one of its most progressive.

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Symphony X – Underworld Review

Is it really four years since Symphony X’s last album ‘Iconoclast’ was released? A release that I personally struggled with as I found Russell Allen’s vocals to be too gruff too often rather than hitting the highs that I know he is more than capable of. Colleagues too had commented that something was perhaps lacking in the songs so it was with some trepidation that I approached this, their 9th release, ‘Underworld’.

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Dorian Opera – Crusade 1212

CRUSADE 1212 is an excellent album no doubt about it, and DORIAN OPERA have shown with this release that they are serious about making it in the progressive metal game. I don’t think they’re quite up with the kings of the genre just yet, but they are surely a lot closer than most…