Interview with Christer “Krunt” Andersson, (Guitars) (Tad Morose)

To me that is more Euro Disney Metal. I don´t care really, but to me, we play Heavy Metal, that´s it. Everybody can call us what they want. I read some review on one of our albums way back, and that guy thought we played “Half trashy, soft doom metal” Ha ha ha.

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Tad Morose – St Demonius Review

or many years now Tad Morose is a band many of my friends have told me to check out countless times, but minus a song or two here and there I really haven’t delved deeply into their stuff. I’m not sure why, as the people suggesting them were usually pretty straight up about music, but when there are so many bands, and myself being someone that listens to so many different styles, sometimes bands fall between the cracks.

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Project Arcadia – A Time of Changes Review

Overall, I think A Time of Changes is a solid album, and I certainly will be looking looking forward to future releases from Project Arcadia. I think they have a lot of room for improvement, but there’s certainly enough moments of great melodic heavy metal and power metal here for me to recommend this album to fans of both genres, and obviously it’s a must hear for fans of Urban Breed.

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Tad Morose – Revenant Review

In the early part of the decade since the last album, the band had ceased to exist after the departure of front-man Urban Breed, and also lost another couple of members along the way. Original member Christer Andersson and long-time drummer Peter Moren decided a few years ago to get the group back together and have since been building a stable of highly regarded musicians