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Hard Rock Hell United – AOR Review; Saturday March 12, 2016

Hard Rock Hell United – AOR Review; Saturday March 12, 2016. As quickly as it had started then the show was over yet again for another year, as bands and fans alike departed to their dull and cold caravans to reminisce and gather their thoughts on what was a most excellent weekend.

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Talon – Fourplay Review

L.A. melodic rockers Talon, born from the ashes of ‘VOXEN’, stick their claws straight into the flesh of the melodic rock niche with their latest, and arguably strongest, release Fourplay. Buoyed by the recent return of original vocalist Michael O’Mara, founding member John Parker claims that that the band have undoubtedly “come full circle”.

Album Reviews

Outloud – Love Catastrophe

This is possibly better then their debut which was pretty damn glorious if you ask me, a rocking record for Hard Rockers. A great set of tunes not masquerading as anything that is not suppose to be, featuring some illustrious grooves and arena like guitar hooks all over the place. Easily one of the best of they year…