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Gojira live at The Academy, Dublin, 28th August 2015

The last time Gojira played in Dublin, it was on the tiny stage in Whelan’s, but as the Academy stage is readied for tonight’s performance, it is obvious that Gojira are now accustomed to playing much larger venues: their backdrop barely fitting on the wall, partially obscured by their stacked amp cabinets. At precisely 9pm the house lights dim and the crowd begin to chant “Go-ji-ra”.

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Nile – What Should Not Be Unearthed Review

Imhotep’s favorite band is back, and leaving no ear unshredded and no face without being thoroughly melted. It has been three years since the last brilliant Nile album At the Gate of Sethu, and fans have been chomping at the bit to hear near music from them.

Album Reviews

Hyperial – Blood and Dust Review

As I write this review, 2015 is now in full-swing, and with so many new releases being pumped out already it’s easy to leave last year in the dust and forget about it. One album I almost missed out on was the new one from HYPERIAL, and even though it’s been out for quite a while, BLOOD AND DUST is worth stepping back for.

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Allegaeon – Elements of the Infinite Review

Don’t ask me what Ezra’s talking about because I am too old and too dumb to know anything scientific. What I DO know is this song, like all the others definitely wore out my REPEAT button

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Persefone – Spiritual Migration Review

We are not yet at the second trimester of 2013 that I may have found my favorite death metal album of 2013. In their traditional unpredictable nature, Persefone turned the tables on everyone and unleashed Spiritual Migration upon the world. This time around, the concept is rooted around Zen Buddhism, as far as I can tell

Album Reviews

Clock Paradox – The Five Precepts

CLOCK PARADOX take a bit of a progressive approach to the death metal formula and also add some stuff that would probably be better described as almost math metal or certainly tech death…