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70000TONS OF METAL 2019 – The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise — Day 1 Highlights

Live Report and Photos by: Zenae Zukowski Here at MyGlobalMind, this is our third year covering 70000tons of Metal. With that being said, three times is always a charm. On Round 9 of 70000tons of Metal, we covered more bands than ever (47 out of 60 and made it to a few double sets). However, […]

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Temperance – Limitless Review

When I first heard the 2014 self-titled debut from Italian band Temperance, one other band instantly came to my mind: Amaranthe. With their unique use of three vocalists along with their mix of metalcore, pop and trance (among many other styles,) becoming more and more popular over time, I guess it was only a matter of time before another band adopted a similar sound for their own, and put their own twists on it, which is exactly what Temperance did on their debut.