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Interview with Geoff Tate (vocalist – Operation Mindcrime)

During the recent tour of the UK with his band, Operation Mindcrime, leader singer and former front man with progressive metal icons Queensrÿche took time out to speak to Myglobalmind in Southend upon Sea. Not your typical heavy metal resort location but look up Chinnerys, the venue where the band are performing and you discover a wonderful musical history and a look at the walls confirms that pretty much anyone who is anyone has at some point pushed a flight case through the doors on the road to success.

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Amaze Knight – The Key Review

Any flaws to this record are very hard to point out, because everything is perfect. Perhaps a bit more originality is needed or more up-tempo parts (because I personally like fast music). So it could be considered as almost flawless work. “The Key” is fantastic awesome album. It is extraordinary when some unknown young musicians show such very high level on their debut CD. Definitely it is one of the best debut works I’ve ever heard.