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HARD ROCK HELL UNITED – Friday 13th March, 2015

Next up are The Poodles from Stockholm, doing an acoustic set in the Dark Circle area at the back of the Mash & Barrell, for those that don’t know the Dark Circle is the exclusive VIP members club of both Hammerfest & Hard Rock Hell.


Interview with The Poodles

In addition to playing not 1 but 2 sets at the recent Hrh United festival in Wales The Poodles also took the time to do some interviews. Here is a question & answer chat with Henrik Bergqvist, Guitarist, of the band. As the interview was sprung at short notice, big thanks to my Myglobalmind colleague Adrian Hextall for assisting with the preparation.

Album Reviews

The Poodles – Tour De Force Review

You see, to me it’s the biggest disappointment in 2013 so far. My former melodic metal heroes have developed in the totally wrong direction. Guys, please put the epicness and your darker/modern approach aside and bring back the great melodies and all the metal anthems you’ve written in the last seven years.


Exclusive Interview with Jakob Samuel (Vocals) (The Poodles)

but one thing that come to mind is of course the moment we understood that we had reached through the TV screen in 2006 and went straight to the final in the Swedish Eurovsion, over night we were the rock band on everybody’s lips in Sweden, another is the fantastic tour we did with Gotthard in 2007, and the first headline tour 2008, our first nr.1 on the album charts with “Performocracy” is a beautiful moment too

Album Reviews

Human Zoo – Eyes Of The Stranger

I mean the thing that makes you take notice is the melodic under tunes, the catchy riffs and the odd use of the saxophones which in essence bring out some West Coast AOR stuff for good measure. Is a nice mix to listen to a few times and a rather improvement over the last albums. The Zoo comes to your house in July, for fans of the band is a must get.

Album Reviews

The Poodles – Performocracy

For those that have hesitated delving into what this band has to offer for whatever reason though, now may just well be the right time to jump on board. It’s been a gradual evolution sure, but now with PERFORMOCRACY, the band have transformed themselves from Scandi sleazy party rock imitators into a die-hard ass-kickin’ melodic hard rock band…