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Spike – 100% Pure Frankie Miller Review

If there are any fans of Spike or Frankie Miller who are on the fence regarding whether to get this album or not, then I would say to definitely buy it. The same goes for anyone with an open mind and an interest in quality songs played by some of the best in the business. Despite being a bit of a departure from my usual riff-filled listening, I thoroughly enjoyed this album, although, for me personally, I would have preferred a bit less of the country influence on some songs but that’s just me. If you appreciate that style of music then I imagine your rating would be even higher.


Interview with Spike (Vocals) (The Quireboys)

Well obviously it has been an honour to do this Frankie Miller album, he was a big hero of mine even before I had done this and met him. To get to play with Ronnie Wood, we played with The Stones back in ninety one I think it my home town of Newcastle. We played St James Park,things like that are a dream come true

Album Reviews

The Quireboys – Black Eyed Sons Review

The queue outside HMV on Oxford Street was huge. Stretching down London’s busiest shopping street and full of people wearing denim and leather and sporting some very suspect haircuts. The event? ‘The Quireboys’ signing in-store their debut album ‘A Bit of What You Fancy’. It’s been a hard road for the band up until this point as it’s taken six years of sweat and blood to get to this point but persevere they did and now, in 2014, Spike (vocals), Guy Griffin (guitars), Paul Guerin (guitars) and Keith Weir (keys) help The Quireboys celebrate 30 years in the music business.