Exclusive Interview with Per Nilsson (Guitars) and Henrik Ohlsson (Drums) Scar Symmetry

Per: It was basically the only decision we could have made. Henrik: Otherwise the band wouldn’t have existed today. Per: I mean for different reasons he didn’t want to tour anymore and he wanted to dictate things for the band all the business stuff as well as the songwriting then we had before, in a way I felt he wanted to take over things, in a way that no one could accept in the band. Henrik: Because there were problems even for the beginning but a level where we could tolerate it and compromise but then it escalated it and got worse and worse.

Album Reviews

Scar Symmetry – The Unseen Empire

But none of the hearsay or label hype could have prepared me for how much I would enjoy this album, and after twenty-five or so listens I am willing to on record and say that this SCAR SYMMETRY’S finest work yet and a true high point for metal in general…