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Acid Reign-Bloodstock… And Xmas Party

ACID REIGN headline the S.O.P.H.I.E. stage at Bloodstock Open Air festival August 13th 2016     Have A Merry Acid Reign Xmas Tickets are only available here: Buy 5 tickets and you’ll only pay £2.50 postage/packing, no being charged to print tickets out yourself this is just like the old days! 2015’s Plan Of The […]

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Slayer – Repentless Review

Dear Slayer,

Member 1235 reporting,

I figured I’d write this to you now that the dust has settled a bit and Repentless is finally in circulation. I know that fans’ letters are usually last if at all these days. I know you’re busy and it’s not like I’m one of those “old school fans” who has been listening to you in the 1980’s.

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Gama Bomb – Untouchable Glory Review

I have always been a massive thrash metal fan. Since the mid-80’s I have devoured as much of this style as possible. Many of those same bands I started on in high school are still out there doing it, but there are also plenty of bands today that are keeping that sound alive as well. None do it better than Ireland’s Gama Bomb. Culling their sound from that early thrash music, 1950’s sci-fi films, and comic book ideas, they are a brash, no holds barred and fun band.

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Act of Defiance – Birth and the Burial Review

There are bands in the history of metal that have forged legacies that will live forever in the annals of metaldom. Some of these bands have made some egregious errors in their careers that have forever tarnished their luster and left their longtime fans scratching their heads wondering, “What the hell has happened to them?” Probably the most recognized of this ilk would be Metallica with everything post And Justice For All.

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Black Whiskey – Heavy Train review

Black Whiskey will openly admit that their sound and roots are firmly entrenched in those classic sounds of the seventies and early eighties capturing influences from Free, Gary Moore, Led Zeppelin and even Glenn Hughes. Dig a little deeper however and we hear a modern take on the sound that also nods its head to the likes of Audioslave and Rival Sons.

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Skin The Pig – Article XIX Review

With the band’s name initially leading me to believe I was listening to some gory type of extreme metal, I was totally taken by the structure of the songs and how well they play in they’re respective order. I don’t think that you will be blown away if you simply want to get lost into the bands complexity, because as state earlier, they mesh each genres into a full working clock