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Thunder – Wonder Days Review

British Rockers ‘Thunder’ are back with their tenth studio album ‘Wonder Days’ and we couldn’t be more excited. Released February16th this is the first studio album Thunder have recorded in six years.


Interview with Danny Bowes (Vocals) (Thunder)

I have worked with other people over the years that tend to be a little bit insecure. Thunder as a band can be quite intimidating. There is a whole bunch of bands that we have toured with who don’t want to tour with us again. I wont mention any names, but it is a fairly long list. Some of those bands would never have us on the same stage again. Purely and simply because we made them work too hard. That is their problem not mine

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Shadowman – Watching Over You

I was again privilege to hear the unique voice of Steve Overland, not only does the man have a staple sound in his vocals pipes, but with a successful solo career and past albums with FM, including a great comeback record by the band last year, there is no mistake he’s been on fire the last few years when it comes to releasing music.