Exclusive Interview with Urban Breed (Vocals) (Tad Morose, Bloodbound,Trail of Murder)

I just try to be as honest as possible and sing what I feel after I’ve put myself in the “mindset of the song”. Then when it comes down to the final touches, at least for this album, I weighed in Pelle’s and Daniel’s wishes too. So the title track, for instance, has me singing it slightly more aggressively than I personally wanted it. I wanted to sing it just like I sang the last chorus.

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Trail of Murder – Shades of Art Review

Another excellent song comes via “My Heart Still Cries” what a bombastic song carefully crafted inviting all of the musicians in this great project to meet their ownage of their respective instruments wisely. Urban Breed keeps the flow going as if you need it to know how damn good of a vocalist this guy really is, well listen to “I Know Shadows” and be prepare to be blown away.