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Tank – War Machine Live DVD Review

Is nice to have this on concert footage as I’m sure die hard fans of the band will be milking their cows to get their hands on this concert, for one the band still sounds freaking brilliant, Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans are bloody ablaze laying down the axes and drummer Steve Hopgood kick starts the battery with a tour de force.

Album Reviews

Kill Devil Hill – Kill Devil Hill Review

There were two artists that jumped out at me as I listened to their SPV/Steamhammer debut Kill Devil Hill. The first is the most obvious, Alice In Chains. Clearly Bragg is influenced by the late Layne Staley, however the music even has that slow groove that brought AIC into prominence back in the day.

Album Reviews

Riot – Immortal Soul Review

It had been nearly a quarter of a century since the band last reunited in NYC to create “Thundersteel” and “The Privilege of Power”, and now with Moore back on vocals you hear that same chemistry where those albums left off, something not easily attainable after some many years and the very different music scene.