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Shy – Shy Review

The guys from Shy have managed to return to fine form and instead of trying to wait for things to fall in to place and take over in this ever chancing musical landscape, they have shown exemplary showcase and raw power that really proves that this sorta of music never dies.

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Airrace – Back To The Start

Back to the Start is a great return from a band that has remained largely inactive since the release of their debut album way back in 1984. That album was of course the cult AOR classic Shaft of Light, which still fails to get it’s due recognition. Not from me though as it is one of my favorites of the genre and would easily sit proudly amongst my top twenty AOR albums of all time.

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Eumeria – Rebel Mind

I was a fan of Outworld’s release in 2006 so I was looking for that kind of punch on the band’s first debut record titled “Rebel Mind”. Also for those shredders and guitar freaks I’ve heard some good things about the band’s guitar player Reece Fullwood, a master shredder per say. The guy has some freak ability on the strings and some of that can be heard on Eumeria’s new record.

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Dio – At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987

ohh but it gets better Dio manages to incorporate some bits from “The Temple of the King” into one hell of a performance. I don’t care how many times I hear “Heaven and Hell”, it gives it goosebumps every time I hear Ronnie raise his bear crushing voice into the sky.

DVD Reviews

Marillion – Live From Cadogan Hall DVD Review

I admire the way Hogarth explains the meanings behind some of the songs and why they we’re written, it adds a nice prelude to when the band’s actually starts playing them in this constitute. It takes a mature band and experience one at that to ease their way through some of their long list of catalog material and add new meaning to each song when presented in this abstract format.

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Ten – Stormwarning

As any fans of the band knows for such classics albums like “Spellbound” and “The Name Of The Rose” are timeless classics in the genre. But as much as the great music has been a key point, the revolving door of line up changes and split ups had laid a foundation of uncertainty over the band for years.