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Michael Schenker Group – Universal Review

The main part of Schenker’s list of releases is filled with solo albums and related bands like MSG (Michael Schenker Group). As MSG, Schenker has a new record in the starting blocks and begins to explore the outer space; at least musically with the record carrying the title ‘Universal’.

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Michael Schenker on New CD, Universal – My Songwriting Is Like a Kaleidoscope; It’s Always a New Picture After You Shake It!

The universe will never be the same after Michael has put forth this sonic guitar assault. Universal delivers precisely what you would expect from this legendary guitarist; crushing and memorable riffs, tastefully melodic solos, terrific guitar tone, and soaring vocals by Ronnie Romero [Rainbow, Vandenberg], Michael Kiske [Helloween], and Ralf Scheepers [Primal Fear].