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Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland Review

Anthrax is more than deserving of their placement in the Big 4 of Thrash. Basically revolutionizing, if not inventing, their own brand of fast-paced, crossover sound, they have remained one of those bands that are the very definition of Thrash as a fun genre.


Interview with Kenneth Nixon (Vocals) ( Framing Hanley)

Meeting people that enjoy the music that means so much personally to US, that’s always a very rewarding thing. Those are some of the highs. I’ve seen a lot of lows, but I’d rather not even think about those times and instead recognize the highs and how fortunate I am to experience those moments.

Album Reviews

Alestorm – Back Through Time

it’s certainly an improvement over the band’s second offering and is absolutely a step in the right direction. The attempts at seriousness that the second album showed are all but gone here and replacing them is a whole heap of piratey goodness where rum and shipwrecks are the main menu mixed with a few really funny moments as well…

Album Reviews

Cypher Seer – Origins

Wow, this is some interesting mess here! The more I listen, the harder it gets for me to say what kind of music these guys are actually trying to play. But before I get to rants-n-analysis – this is the second album by obviously completely unknown New Jersey-based ‘power’ metal band, and I’m gonna treat is a mystery (which it is to me).