Interview with Janne Wirman – Children Of Bodom

Adrian Hextall sat down with Janne Wirman at Nuclear Blast’s London offices to see how recent changes in the band’s line up has impacted the recording of the new album and how they are going to deal with the requirements for the upcoming tour. It’s probably not the best time to lose a key member of the band…

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Interview with Tony Kakko (vocals, Sonata Arctica)

On the eve of their London show with Freedom Call in support, Adrian Hextall got to speak to Tony Kakko to discuss the band’s 15th Anniversary, the re-recording of Ecliptica, their acclaimed début album and the thoughts around playing the whole thing on the tour to a willing and receptive fan base.

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Bloodbound, Live at The Underworld, Camden London, April 1st 2015

Having waited a long time to see this excellent power metal outfit, it was definitely a show not to be missed but, due to family and work commitments Fredrik Bergh, Pelle Akerlind and Henrik Olsson would not be performing. It was therefore with some trepidation that I descended the steps of the Underworld to watch them. Would they be able to deliver? Lets see..

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Interview with Starset vocalist, Dustin Bates

Please hold. STARSET will begin the TRANSMISSION of the Message to the public shortly. ignorance : slavery :: knowledge : power END TRANSMISSION”
To better understand the message, MGM spoke to lead singer Dustin Bates prior to their show at KOKO in Camden Town, London.


Interview with Sebastian Levermann (aka Seeb), Vocals, Orden Ogan

There are two European tours in 2015. We will be, as I said before, on tour with Hamerfall during January and February and then there will be a couple of festivals in the summer, a couple in Germany. There will be another European tour in Autumn 2015 but let me say another band that is almost as big as Hammerfall will be another very good tour for us but I can’t talk about that yet


Interview with Pelle Ahman (Vocals) (In Solitude)

I was obsessed with a Swedish musician from the sixties who had some sort of Bob Dylan ambitions, but then he started to make some comical absurd albums, and I didn’t understand that they were absurd, but I was just obsessed with that music. After that, it was Kiss and metal music


Interview with Floor Jansen (Vocals) (Revamp, Nightwish)

I really don’t want to say anything because I’ll be touring for two years with NIGHTWISH, and maybe during that time I can start working on it or maybe I can’t. I find it really difficult to create for one band while on tour with another. It would have to be after I’m done touring and since I can’t really predict when that will be I can’t say much. NIGHTWISH is the big band time-wise, so that comes first.