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W.E.T – Rise Up Review

Maybe a step down in quality songs from their debut but overall is pretty similar substance wise to the first one, and expect that it will be very well received. Is hard trying to capture the same magic as a debut, but if you judge each album by itself and in it’s own context you won’t find much wrong if you got your hands W.E.T. the first time around.


Exclusive Interview with Jeff Scott Soto (Vocals)(Jeff Scott Soto,Talisman,W.E.T)

I did map out how many rockers I needed, how many AOR cuts, etc., but in the end I had more than I bargained for in which it was more about what was better for the completion of it. Thankfully I have such a long history with Frontiers who instead of sticking to the contract and standing their ground about ONLY having 11 songs on the final album, they gave me the respect of releasing the ‘directors cut’ with all 14 songs I felt were the true vision of it.