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Molly Hatchet join host of others at this Year’s Hard Rock Hell X

Southern Rock Legends Molly Hatchet join Warrior Soul, Leader of Down, and Aussie Rockers Cherry Grind to Lock their Places at this Year’s Hard Rock Hell X, alongside Ugly Kid Joe, RATT, Glenn Hughes, Last in Line, & Living Colour. With just 3 months to go until this year’s sold-out 10th anniversary Hard Rock Hell, […]


Interview with Kory Clarke (Vocals) (Kory Clarke, Warrior Soul)

It’s been dead forever. But just different aspects of it. If you go to a heavy metal con, festival or something, it’s not dead. But I think what this says is that the spirit of rock is dead and in essence it’s right. It’s been dead for years. But that doesn’t mean I have to be dead, you know? For some it’s easy to say, but for the rest of us rock lives

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Kory Clarke live at O2 Islington, London on October 18th, 2014

Once Kory Clarke and his band entered the stage to blast out tunes from his newest record “Payback’s A Bitch”, the crowd’s response was one of excitement with people throwing their hands in the air following Kory’s lead, dancing along and hanging onto his lips to sing along with him. During one song I even caught two guys in the audience cheering along and throwing big smiles at each other, clearly having a blast.

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Kory Clarke – Payback’s A Bitch Review

Kory Clarke’s “Payback’s A Bitch” overflows with creativity capturing both classy and modern sounds with songs that, on their own, will be like a good friend accompanying you in every life situation you can imagine, from sad and thoughtful to fun and rebellious, but as a whole might confuse you a bit. Although the record itself doesn’t have a specific style, it still shows variety and talent in every single song and will at least have one song (if not more) that you’ll love for sure.