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Archon Angel – Fallen Review

As a lifelong fan of Savatage, I feel compelled to check out as many of the bands and projects that crop up from the members of the band, and there are a few: from Jon Oliva’s Pain and Doctor Butcher to Chris Caffery’s fantastic solo albums to Zak Stevens and Circle II Circle to even TSO, there is a wealth of additional music that warrants your time. Zak is back with a new project called Archon Angel that out of the bulk of stuff that has been released since the “hibernation” of Savatage, we’ll call it, is closest to what he did with Savatage.

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Circle II Circle – Reign of Darkness Review

Circle II Circle is back and has delivered the best album from their catalog yet. Reign of Darkness, as the name suggests, is a heavier, darker album from them, but nails what has made them such a fantastic band over the years, melodic, heavy, and captivating. This one does not disappoint, and will hopefully propel them to a higher profile position in the music world. If you have ever been a fan of this band or Zak in Savatage then this album should please you greatly.


Exclusive Interview with Zak Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle, Machines of Grace)

But yes I’m definitely not opposed to the idea and as a matter of fact I’ve always stated that i would love to take part in such a reunion if it ever came to be, most definitely. And the organization knows this so my position is no surprise to anyone by now of course. Like a lot of bands that have had reunions, it’s the fans that ultimately can make things happen more than they probably know.