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Ruby Tigers – The Year Of The Tiger


Style: Modern Rock



1. The Deal

2. Get A Life

3. The Cool Police

4. Ordinary Life

5. Reason Escaped

6. Sweet Disaster

7. Another Stupid Human

8. Still

9. Truth Kills

10. Love Refund

11. Last Light

12. .Bless The Brooding Heart

Even though I live here in Australia, discovering good new Aussie bands is harder than you might think. There’s been a few standout releases this year from my side of the pond, for example the excellent debut from glam rockers HANSEL, a power metal masterpiece from BLACK MAJESTY and a great funkified indie-rock gem recently from THIRSTY MERC, but honestly apart from that the Aussie music pickings for 2010 seemed pretty bleak. That is until one day when I was driving home from my day job and heard a song on the radio by an up-and-coming band called RUBY TIGERS. As soon as I got home that day I did some research on the band and requested a copy of the new album.

Though I already knew that I liked the song I heard on the radio, I had no idea that I was about to listen to one of my favorite albums of the last few years and honestly one of the freshest Aussie bands I’ve heard for a long, long time. YEAR OF TIGER as a whole is very radio friendly, and throughout the album I heard references to artists as diverse as MATCHBOX TWENTY, U2, INXS, THE KILLERS, THE CALLING, DAUGHTRY and many others which has given the band a very unique sound but still manages to totally accessible for a wide audience.

Opening track THE DEAL was the first single from the album and has found some success in certain parts of the world. GET A LIFE is the second single and the song that I first heard from the band, it’s a perfect summer rock song and a very worthy second single. THE COOL POLICE reminds me a bit of the latest Matchbox Twenty stuff, and could easily be the third single to come off the album. ORDINARY LIFE is a slower track that is full of class and has a great lyric. REASON ESCAPED sounds like a mish-mash of U2 and The Killers, and is yet another song that could easily chart. SWEET DISASTER brings things up a bit again and reminds me of the some of the rockier moments of The Calling. ANOTHER STUPID HUMAN is another in the U2/Killers mould, and yup, you guessed it, another song with plenty of hit potential. STILL is another quieter song that is the perfect way to show that ballads don’t always have to be wimpy affairs. TRUTH KILLS has me a little divided in opinion, it’s a great song but the intro riff is way to close to a certain Foo Fighters song. LOVE REFUND is a late highlight and certainly one of my favorite songs of the year, a very classy piano rock song. LAST LIGHT sounds like modern day INXS right down the JD Fortune sounding vocals. BLESS THIS BROODING HEART is a great song to end on and definitely left me wanting more.

I can honestly say that the only bad thing about this album was that it had to end, and want to hear more and more stuff from these guys. The album sticks to a great formula, with just enough variation to keep things interesting and I think realistically there is about seven of the twelve songs that have the potential to be radio hits.

RUBY TIGERS have been a true surprise for me, and a band I can say that I am now a big fan of, and all I can say to the rest of the world is lookout for these guys, I think they’re going to be massive, and they have the potential to be the best new Aussie band of the last ten years. Essential.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   10/10

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