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Cats in Space – Atlantis Review

The album continues with another big anthemic Pomp/Melodic Rocker titled Seasons change, which also reminds me a bit of LIONHEART’s Hot tonight album from the 1980s, while closing track is the title track, another majestic QUEEN/TOUCH ish semi-ballad anthem. CATS IN SPACE have reached the absolute superstardom in Pomprock/Classic AOR/Melodic Rock with this new album, easily beating any release in the genre of the past 10-20 years! Check them out please for God’s sake!!!

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Benediction – Scriptures Review

It’s good to see the boys back in action again and I wish them the best of luck for when gigs and festivals return – No doubt we’ll all be in for a treat seeing them live!

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Stryper – Even The Devil Believes Review

Experimental. Technical. Heavy. Perfect. Those are 4 adjectives that I’d use to describe this album. It was not what I was expecting. I was expecting a musical followup to God Damn Evil. Instead, I got a lesson in what amazing guitar playing and singing sounds like. All 4 members stepped up their game. They are now on a higher level than they’ve ever been, and I’m blown away. I’d compare my reaction to Even the Devil Believes to my reaction to Judas Priest the first time I heard Painkiller. Stunned, Shocked, maybe even a little intimidated but in a good way. 5 of 5 stars from me. Get this album. Now!

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We are living in strange and uncertain times and I hope to see Daxx & Roxane back on tour very soon, doing what they do best and showcasing their new ‘wares’ live on stage to fans old and new– in the interim, I will continue to familiarise myself with their latest release, it was definitely worth the wait!

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WarKings – Revenge Review

When I first heard Reborn, I thought it was a fun album, but that WarKings had the potential to step up their game a bit further, and create a more memorable album. With Revenge, that’s exactly what’s happened, as while it’s stylistically a very similar album to the band’s debut, the performances and songwriting seem to be just a cut better, with an extra layer of energy and intensity. Fans of the band’s debut should love this, and anyone looking for a fun heavy/power metal album with a mix of intense riffs, great melodies, awesome vocals, and catchy choruses, would be highly recommended to give this a listen.

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Ensiferum – Thalassic Review

The band has unleashed their 8th full-length release, Thalassic, and unsurprisingly, I’d be more than willing to say a word using the last six letters of that title, with a C in front, to describe this release!