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Ozzy Ozbourne – God Bless Ozzy Ozbourne DVD Review

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

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Bonus Fetures:

Q&A with Ozzy and Jack

Deleted Scenes

Tribeca Film Festival

What is it about the former Black Sabbath and legendary rock icon Ozzy Ozbourne (born John Michael Osbourne) that has made him into such a polarizing rock and roll figure? Is it his crazy experiences and drug binges that could of cost him his life more times then a human can possibly relive to tell about them? Maybe his legendary on stage antics that led him to be named “The Prince of Darness”? Or perhaps his larger then life lifestyle from his family to his personal battles? How about his music? In the end I think a legendary front man would like to be reminded or remembered for his music and what he contributed to the world of music right?

This documentary about Ozzy paints the picture of a roller-coaster life from his early beginnings in the poor upbringings of a Birmingham England town of Aston, to interviews from members of his families, which include his kids from his first marriage to his current family. This piece of cinema was put forward by his son Jack Osbourne alongside directors Mike Fleiss and Mike Piccitelli and in it Ozzy recounts his trouble youth, the early days of Black Sabbath and everything from the struggles to deal with fame to his well documented battles with addiction all leading up to his new found life and finally winning the battle with substance abuse and being completely sober.

The man himself tackles some tough issues and questions throughout his life, and by doing this gives you gateway into the head of a battle scarred human being. Some nice footage of a recent tour in South America plays well into the film, still showing has something left to offer to his legion of fans all over the world, even at the age of 62. It paints a dark picture at times especially when his own vices hit home when his own kids become affected by a father who for a long time never really know how to become one, to the impact of the death of Randy Rhoads who he credits to reviving his career and giving him confidence to succeed when he went solo.

I especially enjoyed the q&a bonus  feature on the documentary, simply because both Jack and Ozzy sit down and answer some personal questions about the movie, and you sense the emotional turn when his own son questions if he ever even tried to be a father. It certainly puts ones priorities in perspective and makes you appreciate the fact that you are still around, even after living a reckless life. All this turmoil gives a sense of triumph for the ladder and current life when he finally says he has been sober and honestly looks a hell of a lot better both physically and mentally then he has ever had, and that’s a good thing.

The point of the film is to show the progression of Ozzy in his previous life to his new life, not just the legendary cult status rock icon that he became through the 80’s after he went solo, or his crazy shenanigans. And is not just a glorification of a trouble life and how he survived, it draws a good bit of substance from interviews from his family, sisters, his other kids from his first marriage and close friends from his former Black Sabbath members to other rockers like Tommy Lee. It doesn’t want you to feel sorry for a man who somehow someway manage to walk the line as hard and distorted as you can, but is still there and lives to tell about it. With all the misconceptions, and assumptions about onstage antics and satanist references and senseless perceptions about his life both on and off the stage, perhaps there is this scene to consider at the end of the documentary where Ozzy kneels down in his pre concert backstage room and says a prayer before going onstage.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    8/10

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