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Secret Sphere – Portrait of a Dying Heart Review

Released by: Scarlet Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Power/Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Aldo Lonobile – Rythm and lead guitar

Michele Luppi – Vocals

Andrea Buratto – Bass

Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards

Marco Pastorino – Rythm guitars

Federico Pennazzato – Drums



1. Portrait Of A Dying Heart

2. X

3. Wish & Steadiness

4. Union

5. The Fall

6. Healing

7. Lie To Me

8. Secrets Fear

9. The Rising Of Love

10. Eternity


So after the amicable split between Secret Sphere and their long time vocalist Ramon Messina we we’re soon led to find out that the great Italian Metal vocalist Michele Luppi was taking over the helm for the new recordings of Secret Sphere’s 7th studio album “Portrait of a Dying Heart”. Awesome news for all parties involved because Luppi is one of the most decorated power metal vocalist around and his amazing range can make any band sound good, what makes it even better is that Sphere has for a long time running been a solid staple of Power/Progressive Metal and has been on a steady release prowess over the past 12 years. Regardless of success most of the fans had associated the vocals to Ramon, so replacing him with a capable singer like Luppi was key. Good call guys as he’s strong pipes definitely help this album land a mark on a highly anticipated list for many folks in the genre.

Is not hard to hold the Italians power metallers to a higher standard then other bands in the same genre, they have consistently dished doubt some pretty great records and albums like “A Time NeverCome” and “Heart & Anger” are considered some of the best albums in the power metal sphere. Luckily with the caliber of singer they have here you don’t miss a step and even though the music created on Portrait of a Dying Heart is a little more uncanny and distinguishable then their previous works, it works on various levels.

First and foremost the guitar lead of Aldo Lonobile is always a key listen as he orchestrates an array of powerful bombastic symphonic moods that make this record glue it’self to Luppi’s excellent vocals, driving each song with an impeccable crunch. The versatility of Luppi gives the band a chance to try a little different stuff structurally speaking and after we open things up with an interesting instrumental in the title track which didn’t really pick my interest much at first glance, is a risky way of opening the record but since the music is good I’ll let it pass. The next song “X” took a while for me to to digest after the instrumental bit, it finally launches into a double kick power metal cruncher that brings visions of Luppi former band Vision Divine. Waiting for a scorcher I run into the epic sound of “Wish and Steadiness” this track absolutely smokes and rips a hole in the open with some stunning symphonic arrangements and keyboard instrumentation, Michele drives the song ever further with his majestic power driving pipes. Let the riff fest action begin with the skull crunching vibe in “The Fall”, another heavily guitar driven implosion of arrangements and stout sustaining mood.

Safely turning a page with a new singer and reinvigorating force and energy, these Italian Power Metal veterans deliver an overall solid record. Michele is always on top of his game and plays his cards well as he matches his pipes to the band’s intensity. The album is based on a concept “based on the novel ‘She Complies With The Night’ don’t know the details but it adds a sense of mysticism to the overall feel of the record. The production is top notch as you can pick up on the intricacies of song structure and the storming sound that comes out of it’s core. Is solid a bit different less straight forward power metal then SP past efforts. A good collaboration between Luppi and company and one I hope will stay together for future endeavors.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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