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Full Tilt – Full Tilt Review

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock




Line Up:

Devan Stokosa – Vocals

Adam Furay – Bass Guitar

Nick Mucci – Guitars

Neil Moyer – Percussion



01. Dancing With The Devil

02. Sinking

03. Set It Free

04. Two Times Heavy

05. Tennessee Rain

06. Broken

07. Beautiful Mask

08. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

09. Rock And Roll Ain’t Pretty

10. Find My Way


Now here we have a very interesting band, which is still independent, but this Columbus, Ohio based band is playing music at such a high level that they should become bigger soon for sure if they are of course discovered by the major media out there. They have a Classic 1980s inspired US Melodic Hardrock sound, yet without sounding dated and also minus all the image aspects.

They are blessed with a fantastic lead singer (Devan Stokosa) and a terrific guitarist (Nick Mucci) and their same titled full-length debut CD has a high quality sound/production, while the included material (last but certainly not least) offers some really great tunes. They remind a bit of classic FIREHOUSE, KNOW ILLUSION, BRITTON, 80s DOKKEN, TEER, STEELHEART, TALON and such, but as mentioned thanks to the superb vocal work they should be taken very seriously and not be called a second-rate copycat band of the past Hair Metal sound.

Besides a bunch of really sensational catchy pure 80s Melodic Rock/AOR masterpieces/gems (the mid tempo “Sinking”, the semi-melodic rocker “Broken”, the up tempo melodic rocker “Beautiful mask” and the semi-ballads “Tennessee Rain” for example, all sounding dangerously close to BILOXI, VOXEN, TALON and TEER!), the band is also going for that Classic traditional Hard Rock sound that nowadays brings bands like RIVAL SONS and AIRBOURNE fame and fortune, which can be heard here during the straight-ahead up tempo Hard Rock of songs like “Dancing with the devil”, “Set it free” and “Two times heavy”. These guys could become the next big thing in CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE if they are lucky, but for now they are sitting nicely in the underground scene of the US state of Ohio. Hopefully not for long, because this is Hardrock the way it should sound like! More info at:


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    8/10



The members of Full Tilt find themselves at a unique time in music history where styles and influences can merge and morph into special things. Armed with great songwriting, instrumental prowess, and the vocal ability to bring crowds to their feet and keep them coming back for more, Full Tilt is positioned to make an impact.
Currently based out of Columbus, Ohio, Full Tilt are actively playing showcases and clubs promoting their self-titled full length CD release. In addition to Columbus, the group is branching out to other markets in the region to expand their fan base with the goal of going national. At every show the group wins new fans, garners great press, and grows stronger.



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