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Blacklist Union – Till Death Do Us Part Review

blacklist union_cover

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Tony West– Vocals / Guitars



1. Til Death Do Us Part

2. Alabama Slammer

3. Blown Away

4. Game Over

5. Same Ol’ Pressure

6. Diggin’ 4 Gold

7. Feed The Snakes

8. I Do

9. Don’t Change

10. The Lick Kitty Split Theme Song

11. I Don’t Love You Anymore


As we wait for Tony West (lead singer and founder) and Blacklist Union to release their next album, tentatively scheduled for release in June of this year, let’s take a look at their last effort, 2012’s Til Death Do Us Part.

Dedicated to Tony’s longtime friend Mike Starr (former Alice In Chains bassist) the album speaks to some of Tony’s trials and tribulations. He has dealt with more than his fair share of pain and chaos. Starting with growing up with an abusive father that led to him running away from his New York home at 13 years of age and spending time on the streets of Hollywood, dealing with the deaths of friends and loved ones, and other personal issues. But, as we’ve seen time and time again, something great, something beautiful, something positive comes from something negative. That’s definitely the case here. In a recent interview with Guitar World he said that he’s had many people tell him his songs have helped them through some dark times. He added, “Whenever I hear that, it makes me feel I’ve done my job.” It doesn’t get more positive than that.

The album is full of songs and lyrics that have an air of sincerity, obviously coming from the things Tony has dealt with in his life. The music has a sort of a somber vibe to it. But that’s not to say there isn’t any passion or energy being exhibited because there definitely is. The overall speed of the album is a little on the slow side, but there’s enough up tempo energy scattered throughout to keep things moving nicely. I just don’t know that this is what you want to play at a party. But, if you want something cool that you can kind of groove to this is certainly it. The album is packed with some killer riffs and awesome solos along with some great melodic parts. Tony’s vocal sound and singing style are quite unique and may take some listeners a few times through the album to get used to.

The album starts off on that slower pace with the title track before picking up the pace with the second song, Alabama Slammer. The two songs that follow, Blown Away and Game Over, slow things down again. Then comes Diggin 4 Gold and Feed The Snakes that take over where Alabama Slammer left off. The final four songs, I Do, Don’t Change (a really cool cover of a 30 year old INXS song), The Lick Kitty Split Theme Song, and I Don’t Love You Anymore, kind of slow things down again.

Til Death Do Us Part is this reviewers first introduction to the band. And what an impressive introduction it was. By the end of the album I wanted to hear more. Fortunately there are their first 2 releases to listen to while I eagerly await their next release later this year. Check this band out. They have a really cool vibe. Til Death Do Us Part is a strong 8 out of 10.


Written by Jeff

Ratings    Jeff    8/10

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