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Massive Wagons – Fight The System Review

massve wagons_cover

Released by: Off Yer Rocka

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Baz Mills – Vocals
Adam Thistlethwaite – Guitar
Carl ‘Flash’ Cochrane – Guitar
Bowz Bouskill – Bass
Alex Thistlethwaite – Drums



01 Dirty Little Secrets
02 SWT
03 Mother
04 Fight The System
05 Look Around
06 Rising Tides
07 Red Dress
08 Black Witch


Massive Wagons is a name that has been floating around the North West rock and metal scene for some time now – having released an impressive mini album entitled Fire It Up in 2011, and gigging relentlessly since then. Now in 2014 the band have released their latest album, Fight The System – an album that rivals, if not betters its predecessor; containing some of the downright loudest, downright ballsiest hard rock anthems of the year. There is no band out there who pours as much blood, sweat and tears into their music as Massive Wagons do, and hopefully this will be the record that gets them noticed for the incredible set of musicians they are.
Let’s start with title track ‘Fight The System’, a re-recorded and re-mastered version of the song on the bands previous album. As good as the song is, there was no need at all for this song to be re-released on the new album. Sure, the polished up version sounds a hell of a lot better than the original, but surely the guys in Massive Wagons could have peppered this album with even more awesome new material. Few more songs like lead single ‘Red Dress’ and the astonishingly good ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ and then this would be a perfect album.

Motorhead were once dubbed as “The heaviest band in the universe”, however once Fight The System has been unleashed upon the world, I am sure this statement will be changed. Whether it be the loud as fuck production, or the ball dropping heaviness of ‘One For Me’, ‘Rising Tides’ and ‘Black Witch’, Fight The System is one of the loudest albums you will ever own in your collection – sporting 11 impressive songs that will have you banging your head, throwing the horns and grabbing your cut off denim jacket.
Fight The System is an all killer, no filler record which from start to finish will have you hooked. But behind every good album, is captivating album artwork; and even though you should never judge a book by its cover, you know that this album is going to be fucking epic based on the awesome artwork alone. Not only do you get some killer new tracks such as ‘Truth’ and ‘Roll with the Rhythm’ to blast out on your Ipod, but you also get an awesome looking CD to add into your collection.

The scene is the North West has never been so alive and kicking, and at the forefront of it is the mighty Massive Wagons. These guys are one of the most hardworking bands you will ever stumble across and hopefully once their new album Fight The System hits the shelves they will finally get the recognition they deserve. This is the record that will catapult these guys into the big league!


Written by Matt Seddon

Ratings    Matt    8/10

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