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Night by Night – NxN Review


Genre: Melodic Rock

Label: Sun Hill Productions

Release Date: Out Now!

Links: Official Page


Line Up:

Ben Christo – Lead guitars, backing vocals
Jonny Thornton – Bass guitar, backing vocals
Tom Daniel – Lead guitars
Damian Diablo – Drums
Henry Rundell – Lead vocals


Track Listing:

1. Time To Escape
2. Holding Onto Holding On
3. Can’t Walk Away
4. Everywhere Tonight
5. Siren
6. A Thousand Lies
7. It’s Not Faith
8. The Moment
9. If Only
10. Never Die Again


Evoking images of a youthful Joe Elliot complete with Def Leppard’s multi layered vocal harmonies there is a sense that former vocalist with Voodoo Six, Henry Rundell, has joined a band far far more suited to his voice than that of his former colleagues. From opening track ‘Time to Escape’ with its modern crunchy leading riff, Night by Night appear to have delivered an album that (if released by Def Leppard in the heyday of stadium rock) could sell millions. The modern take on the song construction combined with the melodic sensibilities that Leppard have mastered over the years show a band in tune with modern music without forgoing the sound and influences of bands they clearly love.

Founded by Ben Christo, guitarist with Sisters of Mercy, a man who must have had a slot of spare time on his hands given the lack of touring \ studio output from Andrew Eldritch and Co. Night by Night wear their influences on their sleeves and it’s no wonder that Rick Savage has delivered his own seal of approval stating “Night by Night are without doubt one of the best young bands out there today. Real songs with great riffs and vocal harmonies. Packing the best of the 80?s with a youthful, fresh enthusiasm.”

Can’t Walk Away‘ showcases the style the band are going for with the band vocals coming up front and centre and the wonderful guitar work underpinning the entire song. The bass and drum partnership from Jonny Thornton and Damian Diablo give every track a solid rhythmic feel and it’s impossible not to tap your feet as you listen to the music. ‘Everywhere Tonight‘ has a riff that borrows heavily from ‘Hysteria’ but given the gap in years between that release and this one, there is a whole new, younger, audience that can listen to NxN and enjoy it for what it is….solid hard rock.

Signed to Sun Hill Productions, home of H.E.A.T, Reckless Love and Talisman to name but three, they are clearly in good company and well placed to capitalise on this release. Touring to date has been with other hard rock giants such as Y&T and Europe and responses have been nothing less than outstanding. Everyone with a love of melodic hard rock seems to be talking about the band at the moment and it’s not surprising. They tread the line between classic AOR, hard rock and modern rock very cleverly and the resultant output draws in fans from all genres without alienating any of them. A tough feat in what is typically a very fickle fan base.

Band comparisons could be laid out against most of the tracks on the album but only in a complimentary sense. There’s little or no intentional plagiarism of riffs or sounds, just a modern take on a classic style. There are tracks on here that some of those comparable bands wish they had written themselves for their recent releases. Everyone needs inspiration and it’s difficult to continually trawl the stories and events leading up to ‘making it big’ and all of the hardships that accompanied them. Thus the older bands can now look to modern ones such as Night by Night and gain an insight into topics and styles that they may previously have not tapped into.

‘If Only’ brings another classic rock band to mind and that is Tesla. Rundell flexes his style and sounds very much like Jeff Keith and the playing style plus band vocals do indeed make it a Tesla like song. Just as you think you’ve heard it all however, the band finish their short 40 minute album (remember when that was the norm?) with ‘Never Die Again’. A soft vocal intro that could easily sit on a Pink Floyd release pauses and then the track kicks in proper with Rundell challenging himself and really pushing his vocal range. The harder edged elements of the track ensure that the album goes out on a real high and leaves the listener wanting more.

Definitely one to watch our for in the future. If they can get over that ‘difficult second album’ then they could well be set for big things.


Score  8/10



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