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Dark Days Bring Creative Light to Lamb of God


Written by: Marianne Jacobsen


There’s a hat trick happening in the Lamb of God camp right now.

This began as a book review for my boss on the new D. Randall Blythe (yes it does sound spiffy) Dark Days: A Memoir.

Flashback to 2010 – Lamb of God performs in Prague. No member of the band remembers anything eventful from that night.

Fast forward to 2012 – Lamb of God (with a two year sober D. Randall) return to Prague only to be stopped at the airport by police. After many questions the band is released. Except for Randy. Randy is being charged with manslaughter…

Dark days allows you inside the head of the man whom actually started singing Kool and the Gang only moments before realizing his life was about to change. The book itself is worth the read. D. Randall is frank, funny and sometimes a bit too smart for his own good. Which in this case was good AND bad. Handwritten notes from “the inside” are carefully scattered throughout the book. These notes were scribbled during his incarceration. The impact of this situation was nuclear. Foreign justice on an American for what I believe is what’s called the “Dead Chicken” theory was about to begin. During 2012 tour the band had decided to make a documentary about the tour for their Resolution album. This became As The Palaces Burn (highly recommend for EVERYONE watch – it is just that good)



Emotions of the other band members are well taken into consideration while filming. Male tears are shed – and they aren’t crocodile. Which brings us to today, 2015, right now…the release of the new Lamb of God album VII: Sturm Und. From the opening chords in Still Echoes, you realize that this album is the emotional catharsis of justice with no victory. Musically superior while still keeping the fan loving formula – a story is told. I believe that VII: Sturm Und is a concept album, except the concept is a reality and history now… forever changing metal once again.

Even if you don’t like the music, one can appreciate the struggle of these people and the art that has arisen out of it. This album needs to be heard from songs 1-10 on 11.

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