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Interview with Stoneghost live at HRH United

Interview by Lindsey Appleton


MGM – So you guys have just played the Hammerfest stage, how did you guys find that?.

STONEGHOST – very good fun.

MGM – So have you guys got an album out at the moment?.

STONEGHOST – Yea we have got ‘New Age of Old Ways’ which has been out for about a year. We played the material off that, we are currently writing some new material.

MGM – What have you guys got lined up after this weekend?.

STONEGHOST – We have got an event in Camden, which is supposed to be an all day festival. In May we are doing the Ibiza roadtrip.

MGM – You guys will have alot of fun on that one.

STONEGHOST – Yea we cant wait for that one we heard its like party central out there with all the bands.


MGM – Oh yea I can imagine.

MGM – The passing of Lemmy hit us all here on the music scene, he was such a big part and inspiration to us all, has this effected you guys?.

STONEGHOST – He was such a gentleman, and his life was all about the music, he lived and breathed music, he was an iconic symbol in music history, he wont be forgotten and his music will be played by all generations. He was just the same person from beginning to end, a down to earth true gent. He never changed with the times, he stuck to who he was all the way through.

MGM – With the music industry changing so much over the last couple of years have you guys seen a dramatic change, or has it been pretty much the same throughout for you?.

STONEGHOST – This is the only way we have ever known the music industry to be in, from our experience ya know. Its always been hard for new bands to break out on the scene and climb the ladder so to speak, as there are lots of bands now all doing the same sort of thing so its hard to be recognised and stand out.

MGM – New up and coming bands are finding it so hard to break out onto the festival circuit, how long has it taken you guys to get to where you are now?.


STONEGHOST – We have been going a fair old while, about 12 years, you just have to believe in what you do, and enjoy what you do, and see what happens and just keep going and follow your dreams. I think as a group we have been very lucky, he have stuck with it, and grafted for where we are today.

MGM – Where would you guys like to go from here, is there anywhere where you guys would really like to play?.

STONEGHOST – Hellfest would be a good one to play, we played Wacken in 2010 so to go back there would be pretty awesome.

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