The Maryland Doom Fest live at Frederick, Maryland, DAY 2 Highlights

Bang, along with bands that were around at the same time in the early 70's, like Sir Lord Baltimore, Leafhound, Dust and Cactus to name a few, have found...

Live review: Pam and Mark Schaff

Photos: Pam and Mark Schaff


Day two started on the softer side with an amazing acoustic set by Dee Calhoun which was a perfect way to ease people back into an amazing day filled with plenty of great performance’s. I’m sure the people nursing hangovers from the prior night’s indulgences could appreciated this as it gave them a little time for the hair of the dog to kick in.


Day Two


Dee Calhoun

I can’t think of a more perfect way to kick off Day 2 of the Fest than to have an acoustic set with Maryland native Dee Calhoun (Screaming Mad Dee), who played songs from his June 6th release ‘Rotgut’. Dee, who is the singer for the band Iron Man, was joined on stage by band mate Louis Strachan (acoustic bass) for a great set that included an acoustic version of the Black Sabbath classic ‘Snowblind’. Dee’s son joined him onstage at one point for the song ‘Little Houn Daddy houn’, which led to a great father-son moment that I’m sure won’t be forgotten by either of them anytime soon.

Dee Calhoun (2) Dee Calhoun



The Train Back Home


Little Houn Daddy Houn

Backstabbed in Backwater

Snowblind (Sabbath Cover)


Thousand Vision Mist

These guys came out with a great performance that impressed us a lot. Another band coming from Maryland, the band is made up of Danny Kenyon Guitars/Vocals, Chris Sebastian Drums and Tony Comulada Bass/Backing vocals, who pulls double duty with War Injun later in the night. They had a great doom sound and we immediately went home and downloaded their five song demo out on Bandcamp, be sure to check it out.

Thousand Vision Mist


Stone In The Wind


Riverbed Grave

Grieving Sky

Tears Of The Moon

A Headstones Throw

Skybound And Beyond

Heart String Wild Fire Blues


Iron Boss

As a late addition to the Doom fest on a cancellation. We didn’t know too much about these guys from Maryland. But they definitely impressed us a lot. These guys rocked hard and heavy. Band members Chris Rhoten, Patrick Kennedy, Dave Waugh, Matt Crocco, and Josh Crone brought their best to the Doom Fest.



In Blood


Your Blood

New Man

800 Feet

My Hell


Hung Like horses


Wicked Inquisition

There are not many times you get to see a band play it’s final show, but this band from Minnesota did just that. The band decided to move on after the Doom Fest and go their separate ways, making the Doom Fest set, their final live performance together. Nate Towle Guitar/Vocals, Ben Stevens Guitar, Jordan Anderson Bass, and Jack Mckoskey Drums played an amazing set before calling it quits. Ending the night with the self titled song ‘Wicked Inquisition’. We asked singer Nate Towle why is the band calling it quits He stated that he wanted to branch out musically and has joined the killer band Satan’s Satyrs as a additional guitarist. He said most of the music he wrote for Wicked Inquisition was when he was younger and wants to grow musically. Satan’s Satyrs gives him that opportunity. Be sure to check out the Nate with Satan’s Satyrs at PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2016 Aug 26th-28th.

Wicked Inquisition


Crimson Odyssey/ Sun Flight

M.A.D./ In Shackles

Death Of Man/ The Jester’s Clown


Wicked Inquisition



All we can say about Spillage is we loved these guys. Coming from Chicago, Tony Spillman Guitars, Nick Bozidarevic Guitars, Billy McGuffey Bass, and Chris Martins Drums, played a great set at Cafe 611. They even had a special guest vocalist for the show in Elvin Rodriguez. He did a great job and we’re looking forward to some new music coming soon from Spillage!

Spillage Spillage (2)


The Darkness

Live In Fear

The Road

In Hell


Land Of Opportunity

Devil Woman


Wizard Eye

Wizard Eye out of Philadelphia, Dave bass/vocals, Erik guitar/vocals/theremin and Mike drums, brought their psychedelic heavy metal to the Maryland Doom Fest. It’s not everyday you see a theremin used in doom metal, but it adds such an amazing sound. Very different atmosphere which gives this band a unique sound. This is definitely a band that should be on everybody’s radar, they’re latest release came out last October, if you don’t have it, get yourself a copy.

Wizard Eye


Hollow Leg

If there was a “heavy” band for Saturday, Hollow Leg from Florida was it. A great mix of riffs and strong vocals along with a thundering rhythm section form a very doomy sound. We were already fans of this band and it was only solidified by very powerful live performance. They started the set with a few songs of their newest album ‘Crown’ which we highly recommend. Can’t wait to see them again. Hollow Leg is Tim, Brent, Scott, and Tom, if these guys come rolling through your town do yourself favor and go check them out.

Hollow Leg (3)


Electric Veil



8 Dead

God eater

Ride To Ruin



War Injun

By the time Hometown Marylanders War Injun got onstage, Cafe 611 was packed. This was the first time in three years War Injun had played live. JD Williams (Internal Void) vocals, Russ Strahan (former Pentagram bassist) guitar, Kenny Staubs guitar, Tony Comulada (also of Thousand Vision Mist) Bass were in front while the creator and founder of the Doom Fest, JB Matson, was behind the drum kit for this one. Belting out song after song of hard hitting riffs, they had the place rocking for an hour with a fantastic set. Judging from the crowd response these guys shouldn’t wait another three years to play live again. This is a band we want to hear much more of in the future.

War Injun-JB Matson Fest creator

War Injun-JB Matson Fest creator


Loaded and Damned

Quest for Fire


Ghost Dance


Smoke Thrower

Dangerous Prayer

War Injun

Razor Wire


Brimstone Coven

This is another band that got called on to fill a spot at the last minute, and filled in for the popular band Unorthadox. West Virginia’s Brimstone Coven had big shoes to fill and handled it with ease. Comprising of “Big John” Williams vocals, Corey Roth guitar, Andrew D’Cagna bass, and Justin Wood drums. Their performance took the place to another level with songs from their four albums, most from their newest release ‘Black Magic’ that came out in January. These guys nailed it at the Doom fest!

Brimstone Coven (2) Brimstone Coven


Black magic/ Black Unicorn

Behold The Anunnaki

Beyond The Astral

Lost In The Odyssey

Children Of The Sun

Slow Death

The Eldest Tree



If your a fan of this genre, then doom legend Eric Wagner (Trouble, The Skull) needs no introduction, as Trouble was one of the pioneer’s of Doom metal. The band sounded amazing. Eric’s vocals are unmistakable, and he has a sound all his own. Blackfinger ripped through a set with songs from their only album, the self titled ‘Blackfinger’. The rest of the band which includes the members Matthew Tuite guitar, Terry Weston guitar, Matthew Cross bass and David Snyder drums. They played a new song from the upcoming album called ‘After Now’ before they finished off their set with the Trouble song ‘The Misery Show’. This is Eric Wagner’s second Doom fest, he played 2015’s with his band The Skull. Seeing Eric was truly a treat as we’ve been fans of all his projects for years. We couldn’t help but stand there in awe watching Eric sing. It was a treat to hear the new song and we hope they come out with a new album soon.

Blackfinger (2) Blackfinger (3)


I Am John


My Many Colored Days

On Tuesday morning

All The Leaves Are Brown

When Colors Fade Away

After Now

The Misery Shows


Place Of Skulls

If I said you couldn’t get more of a legend than Eric Wagner from Blackfinger, then I give you Victor Griffin (Pentagram) of Place of Skulls. The rest of the band is comprised of members Lee Abney-bass and new drummer Russell Lee Padgett. Coming from Knoxville, TN, Victor has been a part of the doom scene for almost 40 years. It was truly surreal watching Place Of Skulls. This is a band that’s been around for 16 years and they have such great songs. Of course most people know Victor as the guitarist for Pentagram but don’t realize he’s also an amazing front man. It was amazing seeing him perform with Place Of Skulls. With Victor Griffin Guitar/vocals, Lee Abney bass/vocals and Tim Tomaselli drums, the band as a whole, is such a force of nature.

For a three piece they have such a powerful sound. It was great seeing them play ‘With Vision’ which is one of our favorite POS tunes. They even threw in a great cover of The Animals ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’. The band is currently putting together songs for a new album to be released sometime next year. Be sure to check out the interview we did with Victor Griffin prior to his doom fest performance.

Place Of Skulls


Feeling Of Dread

The Monster

Thorn In The Flesh

With Vision

The Fall

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Animals Cover)

Last Hit




We were literally counting down the days until we could see Bang perform at the Doom Fest. Bang, along with bands that were around at the same time in the early 70’s, like Sir Lord Baltimore, Leafhound, Dust and Cactus to name a few, have found a new fan base in recent years as young people are re-discovering them. When some of the the biggest names in Heavy music name Bang as being highly influential, people take notice and seek out these great albums these guys put out. Hailing from Chichester, Pennsylvania, Frank Ferrara (Bass & Vocals) and Frank Gilcken (Guitars & Harmony) along with Matt Calvarese (drums), took the stage, and the place turned electric. These guys lit the place up with an amazing set that included all of their greatest songs. It was simply magical watching everyone singing to all the songs, even all the other musicians that stayed to catch the show.

Tune after tune they captured the audience with great musicianship and great songs that truly have stood the test of time. At one point I looked over to the side of the stage and saw Dave Sherman (The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Earthride, Weed Is Weed) along with Gary Isom (Pentagram, Spirit Caravan, Weed Is Weed) singing every word to the songs and being totally immersed in the music. Dave Sherman even came out and sang with them on a few tunes.

It was great to see the the musicians at the fest show so must love to Bang, they definitely deserved it. By the time they ended with their biggest song ‘Questions’, they had brought down Cafe 611 with a “Bang”. Hoping for new music soon. It was was so great to meet these guys and watch them perform. They were gracious enough to take time to sit down with us for an interview before they took the stage. Be sure to check it out.

Bang (2) Bang (3) Bang (4)


Keep On


Slow Down


Future Shock

Come With Me

The Maze


Last Will and Testament

Our Home





The Queen


As day two of the fest is now in the books, we find ourselves driving back to the hotel with our ears still ringing, and we can’t believe how great all the bands were today. We still have day 3 to go, and we can’t wait for it to start!

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